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Cozy Cabins Are Here to Stay

Cozy cabins and remote getaways have been trending for some time. As more of us are spending time at home, we’re craving an escape from the City more and more, craving a deeper connection to nature while escaping the hustle and bustle of society. Whatever your reason for seeking an escape, here are some things to keep in mind when planning your retreat, whether short or long term.

Location, Location, Location

If you’re cabin hunting for a vacation, location might not be as much of a priority. If you’re looking for your paradise to escape to every weekend, distance from home makes all the difference. Up to an hour and a half or less, day trips are much more feasible. If you prize an ultra-remote getaway with no neighbours but the bears, you might be in for a half day’s drive or more. Maybe you’re looking to set up in a hunting camp that requires you to be flown or shipped in? If the latter is your preference, you’ll likely want to (or need to) commit to much longer stays or taking up permanent residence to make the travel worthwhile.

When Are You Traveling?

Summer vacationing in Canada is a lot simpler than planning things out for the Winter. If the cabin is offgrid, is there a wood stove to heat the space? Do you want to commit to spending time warming up the cabin, or do you prefer something heated by electric or propane which won’t require much or any of your attention when you’re visiting? The task of heating and cooling can sometimes go overlooked but plays a big role in your enjoyment of the space.

Your Mental Health Will Thank You

Unplugging from our electronics is known to bring peace and calm back into our lives, even if only temporarily. Paired with the smell of fresh air and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, this simple yet effective form of therapy is one everybody should try in some way, shape or form. You don’t need our permission to take a break - we’re convinced this is an investment worth making.

Whether you’re popping over for a long weekend or spending the whole summer in the woods, we think you should jump on that bandwagon at every opportunity! This trend is becoming more mainstream as people of all ages discover the pleasure and benefits of heading out to the cabin, so be sure to soak up the experience (and maybe share it with a few others, if you can).

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